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Samsung Bon Hospital

Parter of your Healthy life, SBH

Why Samsung Bon Hospital?

Samsung Bon Hospital,
composed of ten experts in each field who practice the best skills in leading hospitals in Korea,
such as Samsung Seoul Hospital and Seoul National University Hospital,
provides various treatment programs such as the spine, joint, and rehabilitation treatments
as 1:1 patient-customized medical services through its integrated nursing care

Healthy Life

Our Specialties

Samsung Bon Hospital, specializing in spine and joint treatments, is recognized for its exceptional results and research achievements by providing safe and accurate treatment based on the abundant clinical experience of specialized medical staff for each area.

Spine/Joint Center

Provides essential care only, including non-surgical or surgical treatment, minimally invasive surgical treatment, and physical therapy, with patient safety as the top priority

Internal Medicine/
Health Checkup Center

Our medical staff, with extensive experience treating digestive and internal diseases, provide comprehensive medical services, including various checkup programs, disease prevention and early diagnosis, and lifestyle care

Rehabilitation Physical Therapy Center

Our excellent rehabilitation experts will help improve joint and spine function, prevent recurrences, and prevent musculoskeletal disorders through the latest exercise prescriptions verified through research

Medical Imaging Center

Diagnoses patients' conditions using various imaging methods such as MRI, CT, X-ray, and ultrasound with a system capable of interpretation of different imaging tests, consultation on treatment, and even direct treatment using an imaging diagnosis device, depending on purposes of medical image diagnosis

Our Medical Staff

  • 강준희

    Spine Center Kang Jun-Hee,
    Principle Director


    Lumbar/neck disc herniation, spinal surgical/non-surgical treatments, spinal stenosis, cervical artificial disc, degenerative spine diseases
  • 염태훈

    Spine Center Yeom Tae-Hoon,


    Lumbar/neck disc herniation, spinal surgical/non-surgical treatments, spinal fracture, endoscopic spinal surgery, minimally invasive spinal treatment, neuroplasty
  • 권규백

    Joint Center Kwon Kyu-Baek,


    Knee/shoulder joint, arthroscopy, artificial joint, sports injury, rotator cuff repair, arthritis, frozen shoulder
  • 이형기

    Joint Center Lee Hyung-Ki,


    Knee/shoulder joint, arthroscopy, knee/hip joint, artificial joint, degenerative arthritis, cruciate ligament, sports injury
  • 조찬희

    Joint Center Cho Chan-Hee,


    Knee/shoulder joint, hip joint, arthroscopy, artificial joint, arthritis, cruciate ligament, meniscus
  • 박세환

    Joint Center Park Se-Hwan,


    Knee/shoulder joint, foot, hand, elbow, artificial joint, degenerative arthritis, cruciate ligament, arthroscopy, bow leg correction
  • 나병욱

    Internal Medicine/Health Checkup Na Byeong-Wook,


    Heart disease, digestive disease, endoscopic treatment, metabolic disease (hypertension, diabetes), gastrointestinal disease, chronic renal failure, other kidney diseases, and cardiovascular disease
  • 이춘일

    Internal Medicine/Health Checkup Lee Chun Il,


    digestive disease, endoscopic treatment, metabolic disease (hypertension, diabetes), gastrointestinal disease, chronic renal failure, other kidney diseases
  • 강혜인

    Medical Imaging Center Kang Hye-In,


    Musculoskeletal and spinal imaging, MRI, CT, ultrasound
  • 서명조

    Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine Seo Myung-Jo,


    Anesthesia, orthopedic anesthesia, sleep anesthesia, geriatric anesthesia, local anesthesia

The First Step to Reliable Treatments

Authenticity without overtreatment

Samsung Bon Hospital has had a non-surgical treatment rate of over 95% for five consecutive years, providing patients with only essential care without overtreatment.

Integrated nursing care

In our integrated nursing care, our nurses deliver care and nursing on behalf of guardians or caregivers to provide more professional care and relieve the financial, time, and psychological burden of patients and their guardians.
  1. Significant reduction in nursing care costs with national health insurance benefits

  2. High-quality nursing service for 24/7

  3. 3-step adjustable bed, personal TV, pleasant hospital environment

  4. Stable caregiver's life by reducing the burden of caregiving

Grade 1 in transfusion adequacy evaluation

Samsung Bon Hospital received the highest grade, Grade 1, with excellent results in the ‘Transfusion Adequacy Evaluation’ announced by the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service, proving the safety of surgery and blood transfusion.
175 Buksammi-ro, Osan-si, Gyeonggi-do (641 Oesammi-dong)

Guide to Transportation

  • Subways

    Line 1Seodongtan Station

    Come out of Exit 2 and go to Seodongtan Station Intersection

    Take a bus (19-1, 19-2, or 702) at Shinil Happy Tree stop at Seodongtan Station

    Get off at the 10 Soldiers Memorial Park stop and walk for 10 minutes along the main road

  • Buses

    Take a bus (32, 201, C2, or Town Bus 9 or 57)

    Get off at the Samsung Bon Hospital stop

    (Stop No. 24067)

  • Driving

    Look for ‘Samsung Bon Hospital’ in the navigation

    New address: 175 Buksammi-ro, Osan-si, Gyeonggi-do
    Old address: 641 Oesammi-dong, Osan-si, Gyeonggi-do


Samsung Bon Hospital has a free parking lot for visitors.
For parking, please cooperate with the guidance of the parking manager.

Parking fees
Please cooperate with the instructions of the parking manager to prevent theft of valuables in the car and safety accidents caused by personal negligence.